Motion Concepts Pro's use

This class works on a players knowledge and decision making aspect of their game. We teach players the basic team skills of offensive basketball. Ball Screens, Pindowns( Downscreens), ball reversal, spacing , cutting, and playing off teammates , are just a few of the skills.

Sharp Shooting Class

This class teaches players Exactly how to shoot the ball properly and drills to work on at home. We will also work on Triple Threat moves and Reads off the Catch. Finally , we teach the mid range footwork necessary for separation off the dribble, just the way Steph Curry does it.

Finishing Moves

This class teaches players how to handle the Rock( ball). Hundreds of ball handling drill and dribble moves will be taught. This is our most popular class.
This class also works on many different moves around the rim and in the paint. We teach players how to shoot layups and floaters off one foot. We also teach players how to pivot and finish off two feet.

Skill Combines

This class combines skill work for half the class and strength and conditioning work. Players will do basketball drills and then strength and performance drills too. This is a really good class to get you in Shape and Sharp for your HS or Middle School Season.

NBA pre-draft workouts

Includes functional assessments, video analysis, dynamic warm-ups, sports specific training, player progress reports, fitness manuals, mental conditioning, medical integration, and sport Pre-Hab

Open Workouts

This class is a skill workout. You don’t have to sign up. Just show up, and IF , there is room in the workout, you may join. All fundamentals of offensive basketball are taught in these classes. Each class focus on one to tow skills . You will get a lot of reps.

Basketball Leagues

ADD, Elementary , Middle, and HS leagues . You can register as a team or as an individual and we put you on a team. Our teams are 7-8 players. Players get games , practices , and uniform.

Elite Basketball Training

We offer elite personal skill development training. We take you by yourself and for a specific time frame work on your strengths and weaknesses of your game.

Basketball Tournaments

Attend a GBB Tournament, If you wish to organize a tournament at our facility please contact us.

Coach & Trainer Certification

Ganon Baker has created a unique course for coaches and trainers to further develop their player development and business skills.

International Tours

Contact us if you want to attend or host/organize an international tour?

Basketball Courts Rental

Looking to rent a court in Florida? Please contact our office for court availability at our facility.

Are you interested in any of our basketball programs, organizing a custom basketball event or wanted to rent a basketball court at our basketball facility, please  check our schedule or contact us.

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